It’s Palin-drome Day; Madam I’m Adam — 11 Comments

  1. @Gretchen: ohhhhhhhh, anagram! I thought you had TOTALLY lost it and said it was a palindrome. That’s pretty clever.

    Anagrams are fun, but hard. That’s for you Mensa people.

  2. Hee. Do you remember the old Monty Python bit? Uhh, it’s a pun. No, it’s a palindrome. It’s a metaphor!

    I did not figure out that anagram. To my eternal shame, I read it in Reader’s Digest in the ’70s. And now I am off to commit hara-kiri for even admitting to such a thing.

    Gretchens last blog post..What Gives Me Paws About Obama.

  3. There’s a region in France called Le Drome, and I’ve always wanted to make friends with someone there so I could have a pal in Drome.

    I have a link to an on-line website for anagrams, which is more addictive than Stumbleupon. E.g., how about “Sexily Going Kit” as an anagram for guess what? “Voila a Scornful Spy” was one of mine.

    Also, for palindromes, I’ve always added “a canal” into the middle of “a man, a plan..”

    Polly-Vous Francaiss last blog post..The Color Purple

  4. @Polly: That would be worth a trip to have a Pal in Drome. Good Luck explaining the concept.

    A canal… of course, my memory failed me, imagine that! It doesn’t even work the way I remembered it. Like so many other things!

  5. I was confused about the Panama palindrome until canal was inserted. Now I see it! 🙂

    Also, as an Alaskan who knows– it would be properly pronounced PAYlindrome. 🙂

  6. @Kim: Hi! are you a noob? First comment? Welcome.

    I swear my good friend Robin Meade was calling her Palin and not Paylin. So that was my assumption all day until I heard others referring to her as Paylin.

    I thought about doing another post about it, still may. Thanks for visiting.

  7. Not a noob AND not a first comment.

    Specifically I remember commenting on Paris’ feet, Tastee Freeze and the late tax checks prank post…but there may have been others.

    Now I’m sad. You have forgotten me, the occasional commenter you don’t know. ;-(

    Yeah, a lot of people say her name incorrectly…even people who live up here…although those tend to be the same people who don’t watch the news or know what’s going on in the world in general.

    It’s definitely pronounced Paylin though (even though it is spelled Palin)

    I am enjoying seeing all the anagrams people are coming up with for her name though…