Just Change a Few of the Lyrics – I’m Into Something Good — 8 Comments

  1. I was going to try to write some witty congratulations to you and the missus, but I’m too busy wadding up more kleenexes as I get all emotional about True Love.

    You two are an inspiration.

    Happy honeymoon. Forty = two score. Go for more!

    Polly-Vous Francaiss last blog post..Barometer of Love

  2. Happy F-F-F-Friggin’ Anniversary you old F-F-F-Fart! Seriously ,all my best wishes for you and Nancy. Just don’t have a heart attack when you finally “get some”.


    P.S. Really, you two are an inspiration. This means that I may still be getting lucky when I’m your age!

    Incurable Insomniacs last blog post..The Hunt for the Perfect Manuscript

  3. How sweet!!! What a lucky person you both are to have so many great and, I’m sure, memorable years together and STILL have sweet moments such as this blog post.

    Have a WONDERFUL time on your vacation/honeymoon and stay safe!