I Love The Way General Honore Talks. Ova. Don’t Get Stuck On Stupid. Ova. — 3 Comments

  1. Big fan of General Honore too – a group of citizens have put together a website to make the case for the General to be named head of FEMA in the new administration. You can leave a comment of support, and get a banner to put on your site.

  2. Left a comment there as well. The more of you do this, the greater chance we have to get the General appointed to the position. This is,actually, in OUR interest: our lives (at least lives of many of us), our fortunes, and our prosperity depend to a great extent on what FEMA does during but mainly AFTER the crisis, and how does it do it. I’d rather have all that determined by a general who proved he can than by a politically correct appointee who never tried, or an “expert” who failed to grasp the strategic picture concentrating instead on what he knew best. A French marshall (De Saxe) once said that too many commanders “do what they know instead of knowing what they should be doing.” In Honore we have the man who knows the latter, and one who knows what he’s doing.