Punctuation Day Much Grander Than Grandparent’s Day — 7 Comments

  1. I love punctuation. I’m a big fan of the semicolon, as you may have noticed.

    A lawyer at my office and I once sang Conjunction Junction out loud together at work because he was trying to figure out if a particular word was a conjunction.

    Gretchens last blog post..Surf City USA.

  2. I’m actually very judgmental of people’s grammar, punctuation, spelling and capitalization in blogs, comments and so on. I find it impossible to read anyone who can’t write coherently. So yeah, I guess old school. I still respect the English language.

    Gretchens last blog post..Surf City USA.

  3. @Gretchen: how cool that he could sing the song! re: typos etc., I guess my blog is the exception that proves the rule. Nancy is always giving me fits about typos after I publish. She abhors typos.

    @George: absolutely. I dOn’T KNoW hOW the KidS UsE UPPer and LowER case mixed up. Forget the texting shorthand!

  4. Dude, if it’s any consolation, I’m constantly updating my blog posts because I’m unhappy with the punctuation or what. I see very few typos on your blog! Why do you think I’m your #1 fan?

    Gretchens last blog post..Surf City USA.

  5. That is a worthwhile shortcut to get out the info you want over networks like Twitter. It’s hard enough to comprehend what my niece texts to me every once in a while. I suppose this is a bit more cut-throat as far as understanding. If one doesn’t get what the symbol is, maybe there’s a chart somewhere that one may be able (points at self) to view so if those symbols do come up on posts, then anyone viewing them would read it like it’s their indigenous language. Brilliant idea for a post. I hope this doesn’t start popping up on blogs straight away. (gulps)