The 1st Infantry Division aka The Big Red One Has Been Sold To Sears — 14 Comments

  1. This really sucks. Shouldn’t really be any surprise though. The pentagon is intimately tied up with most public companies anyway. There was a good article in tomdispatch not too long ago about the cross-pollination between the military and the commercial worlds.

  2. My father was in the 26th Regiment (the Blue Spaders) of the 1st Infantry Division in WWII. He fought in Africa (won Silver Star at Kasserine Pass), Sicily (Gold Star), Omaha Beach in Norway, fought his way through the hedgerows all summer of 1944, the wilderness battles in the fall, and in the Battle of the Bulge in December. He was wounded twice and received 2 Purple Hearts.

    After the war, he moved over to the nuclear weapons program, and retired from the army after 21 years. He died in 1993, and is buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

    To see that the emblem of the Fighting First is now a fashion accessory would be sacrilege to him. For the first time I can remember, I’m actually glad he’s not around to see this.

  3. G@erominoRumplestiltskin: I just can’t understand ANY military officer signing off on this. If the colors are “cased” does this take it out of the hands of the military? It just stink.

    @Rich: And now, teenyboppers and others will be wearing it and think it’s just an ordinary decoration.

  4. “The Big Red One ceased to exist officially in July, 2006”.

    Actually the 1st Infantry Division AKA the Big Red One, was moved from Fort Riley Kansas to Germany in the mid 90s and has recently been moved back to Fort Riley Kansas and is currently still active. I am currently assigned to 1st Battalion 34th Armor, 1st Brigade, 1st Infantry Battalion and I wear my “Big Red One” patch on my uniform so do I now belong to Sears or the Army?

  5. Im glad sears sells rhis for the BIG RED ONE It gives the vets who served with the FIRST INFANTRY DIVISION TO display the outfit we served in the time of war like i did in viet nam.

  6. This is historic and the value of so many heroes. I don’t think any money is worth to buy this. I think they should keep this for the great memories of our first warriors.

  7. Are the Big Red One’s Oath Keepers, that is my question, or will you follow Gov’t orders to detain and police us against the Constitutional Oath you took to honor and protect US??