Who Would Do Such a Thing? Me. — 5 Comments

  1. Oh, you are terrible. I’m a real asshole about stopping at stop signs. And don’t get me started about males who don’t aim well; I live with three of them.

    But I’m totally with you on the tech support thing. Considering that everyone now outsources to India, I am forever telling people stuff like “I’m sorry, I cannot understand you at all. I need someone who speaks better English.”

    Gretchens last blog post..“Jesus H. Tapdancing Christ. I Have Seen The Light!”

  2. Well FINALLY! I was wondering when you were going to admit to all this.

    Plus, you do get around pretty well for a geezer. You seem to do these things wherever I go, and I live a thousand miles away from you.

    Brians last blog post..Let’s Make A Deal