100 Skills Old Guys Might Recognize that Popular Mechanics Thinks We Should Master — 8 Comments

  1. #18: Blood stains will come out if soaked immediately; however, if it’s blood stains like on CSI, furgedabout it!

    #19: Move heavy stuff – yeah right, only if wifey helps and then wifey doesn something on her own and the comment is “don’t tell me your neck hurts.

    #26: Replace washer in faucet – yeah right…only after MONTHS of complaining.

    #41 You would never consider sewing on a button. (But I hate doing that too.)

    #49: How could I expect you to make a bed when I only make it when I change the sheets…clean sheets tonight means….what?

    Nancy´s last blog post..Sticky Fly Strips in His Hair….la, la, la, la, la…..

  2. I guess it is, yeah.

    I don’t know. Maybe there’s something subliminally disconcerting about watching your husband pay another dude to stick a nozzle in his car’s rear.

    I like this list, actually. I wish I could complete more of these tasks.
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