Gloomy Sunday Foreplay — 10 Comments

  1. Well, I have a suggestion, a boomer suggestion, to get you out of the gloomy Sunday. 4 things. 1. Your backpack with a couple pairs of jeans in it. 2. Go out on the street with your thumb out and hit the road. 3. Drop a nice hit of LSD 4. Don’t look back.
    Wow, what happened to us, anyway?

  2. This comment is completely unrelated to this post but I couldn’t find a “contact” page….

    Your background image is 2 MBs!! I have a T1 connection and it took several seconds to load. Just thought you might like to know.

    Best regards!

  3. @Tim: IE, FF? Safari, Oprah? Hexavalent Chrome? Flock? In IE, it’s faster because the image is tiled. If I knew how to get rid of background image that shows up in FF, I would. Surprisingly, IE displays the page like I prefer. (((sigh))) I guess I will poke around and see if I can ditch the “paper” background image.
    Re: contact: it’s in the left side bar and on “chief typesetter” page.

  4. I feel FORtunate to have landed on your blog today to read your FORmittable meme list. You are FORgiven about using your wife for your calendar needs, and you’ve peaked my interest in your self-grooming FOReplay!

  5. @Beth: Of course, you are not in a position to offer forgiveness on behalf of my wife. 🙂 OTOH, I don’t think she read this post yet, or she forgot! Either way, I’m still OK.
    I will stop by emtnester, thanks.