Tim Russert Still Dead. David Gregory Is Anointed by Cardinal Brokaw to Take the Mantle — 5 Comments

  1. XNetwork news marches into the future. Gregory has all the makings to do for MEET THE PRESS what Katie Couric has done for CBS EVENING NEWS.

  2. Yeah, but if the host of Meet the Press actually broke down in front of the camera would anybody believe it? I mean once-upon-a-time when Walter Cronkite became all bent out of shape in front of God and everybody the entire country cried with him. For some reason I just can’t see that happening in this day and age.

    So why don’t I like this guy? Doesn’t really matter since I haven’t had any sort of cable/satellite/ hook up to my TV for well over 10 years and never intend to.

    I love the annotated video though.

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  3. @Kirk M. Yup. My point: there is so much boo-hooing on the TeeVee it’s meaningless. Good for you for keeping your television free from interference!

    Can’t wait to see one of your annotated videos ^.^