We Remember Slide Rules, That’s How Old. — 5 Comments

  1. I got my first slide rule when I was in secondary school – a wee pocket model. When I went on to third level, I upgraded [yes – we did have upgrades in those days] to a large Faber slide rule.

    They were the calculators of the day. They were incredibly versatile, performing everything from multiplication to logarithms. Their only problem was that they didn’t come with built in games.

    I still have mine somewhere.

    Grandad´s last blog post..Now you see me – now you don’t

  2. Nice article, Mark. Slide rules (slipsticks my dad called them) aren’t complicated, though. Just various logarithmic scales on rulers basically, so when you add you are actually multiplying.
    I did a post on la60 about changes I’ve observed in number-crunching over the years. Its at What’s a slide rule dad? in case you missed it.
    You gave me the idea for a new post, though, about abilities technology has robbed us of. Yay, something new for the skunk-works blog. Thanks.

  3. @Glenn Palmer: Thanks. I’ve heard the term slapsticks before in regards to slide rules, but had forgotten. Glad to prime the pump for a new post.

    @Grandad: no, that can’t be it.