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  1. Hi, Just wanted to know if anyone has told you ,that you
    look like an actress from the classic movie era? Her
    name was Ann Sheridan.Same smile,same perkiness.And a
    very fine actress as well.the best to you,your family
    and your new home.

  2. In honor of National De-Lurking week, I’m going to officially say Hello, Dammit! (hey, that is what the photo said to do and I follow directions pretty darn good!) Anyhoo …. I’ve been stal****, uh lur****, er… reading your blog for several months. I don’t remember how I first got here, but I come by daily. Now that I have de-lurked, you only have to find the other 399 ….. well, since 5 have already been accounted for before this reply, make that 394 readers.

  3. Hi

    I’m not a lurker but I do read on the occasions that the Humor-Blogs rss feed sends me a link for your posts – like today.


  4. Ok you’ve got a zillion comments…happy now?do you really need that much approval????


  5. Now who in the heck wouldn’t leave a comment with such a sweet little guy as yourself Mark? I think you need to show your soft and mushy side more often….Oops….

  6. I think the blogosphere needs to come up with a better term than de-lurk. The meaning is clear but it sounds so … icky.

    “Hey, Ma, today I de-lurked Sixty!”

    Any ideas, all you 300+ lurkers??

    Polly-Vous Francais…did you read this?…License Plates

  7. I comment in clusters, like a dive bomber. Bloggers never see it coming, I strike hard and fast. I usually leave quite a mess, posts destroyed and people in disarray. Mission accomplished. Return to base.

    • @All: I appreciate your comments and read every single one which took the better part of an afternoon. Thank you very much. Consider your comment like a pat on the head of a dog. You know they would rather have their ears scratched, but then your fingers get smelly

  8. Is it too late to feed you? It’s been a few years, but I now love this site and am proud to be included in the “400 google counts”…hehe 😀

    Have a good day and that your hunger is satisfied :]