I Hope The Fresh President Wears a Hat — 5 Comments

  1. I love hats on men, but usually by the time you’re our age it’s a fishing hat. You’re right, Barack could do a lot for the haberdashery business.

    Fashion becomes hopeless in middle age. I now wear stretch pants for comfort, and Ben wears sweat pants or elastic-waist shorts. And big t-shirts for both of us. Style mavens, us.

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  2. I vote with both hands for the return of fedoras and Panama hats and boaters. Besides being oh-so-stylish, they are all immensely practical. “Green,” too. A well-made hat lasts for decades. Straw hats keep you cool in the summer; felt hats keep you warm in the winter. By wild extrapolation, therefore, hats help save on health insurance, too?

    The old saying in Boston, where I come from, is “We don’t buy hats; we HAVE hats.” That’s Yankee thrift fer ya.

    But it’s important to keep a few of the really cool martian hats (like yours) waiting in the closet for the extra-glamorous occasions.

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    • @Gretchen: Oh, bucket hats. No, no, no. ))))shudder(((( Middle agers can look good but it’s just so damned expensive and difficult. I’ve heard that a tailored suit does wonders. But the last tailored suit I bought was from Hong Kong Tailors.
      @Polly-vous Francais: Yes, keep your head warm, keep the sun off to prevent damage and wrinkles. Tin hats are always a safety measure.

  3. He did look pretty cool in that hat in that picture from his college days. I could see it!

    My father always wore a hat all his life – he never cared about whether it was fashionable or not! He was a hat guy.

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