Greg Dobbs and are Prima Donnas — 12 Comments

  1. @ByJane: well that was embarrassing. Thanks for that. But at least you edited it. I would have if you would have kicked it back. didn’t want to touch it. Read their submission guidelines! Onerous.
    @All: here’s the original article I wrote for MidLifeBloggers. I guess the caution here is: be careful who you give your free content to, because apparently editors stick together and bloggers are the enemy.

  2. This is the funniest thing you’ve posted in a while. At least I think it is, but I’ve been known to be nearly asleep while going through my feed reader lately.

    I’d say this pissing contest goes to you. 😀

    Rachael…also wrote this…OMG I Am So Tired

  3. I love it when a couple of boomers start a fight because of something a 91 year old lady does.

    There are just too many bloggers out there taking themselves too seriously and bitching about others who don’t follow a set of arbitrary rules. That was fine when I was 22, but now that I’m 62, the only rules I follow are on the golf course. Everyone else can kiss my grits. (God I hope my wife doesn’t read this.)

  4. Mark, you’re blessed with a supreme gift for pissing people off! This series of emails was a perfect example of how to really wind someone up. You make it look so easy. I usually leave the field after the second volley. Hats off, I say.

  5. With just a cursory examination of your blogoid, you’ve got some interesting stuff here. Thanks for the link to Tacky Raccoons. I’ll get you a pingback or two, at least for the “Hey Jerrie” video.

    Regarding the stats war, anyone (like ‘boomspeak’) bragging about 2,000 hits a month is pathetic. We are averaging 2.4k hits per week, and we STILL don’t have braggin’ rights!

    I’ll be checking back for more boomer rants.


    Bunk Strutts…also wrote this…All cats have lucid dreams.