Having Lead in Your Pencil — 6 Comments

  1. Wow! Fast follow-up post! Awesome. I didn’t remember that wheel thingy on the front. Mine only has one large hole. But seeing that picture reminded me of other styles.

    Yeah, the lead. Gets everywhere. Even while futzing around with mine to take the pictures, I got stuff all over me, the table, the floor.

    Great post! Brought back a lot of pencil memories 🙂

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  2. I always loved emptying the pencil sharpener. The mess never bothered me, but I did love seeing the massive accumulated bits of such a simple process.

    At least up here, where many of our schools are 50 years old and barely upgraded or remodeled, there are lots of classrooms with these sharpeners still in them. However, a lot of my teach friends have electric sharpeners on their desks for students to use.

    Actually, most of the rooms in the older (meaning less than 10 years old) buildings on campus at the local university also have crank pencil sharpeners in them still.

  3. You were lucky to have the fancy handcrank type. We were stuck with a blade in a plastic rectangle that we had to rotate on our own while the shavings fell on our desk. Of course we only got those sharpeners after they took away our knives we used to whittle the pencil ends.

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