Only a Cigar Seller Would This Blunt. — 5 Comments

  1. OOOOHHH how I miss cigars. I smoked them for almost 30 years after being turned onto them by my grandfather who used to do business in Cuba and cuz I live in Canada, I could always get Cubans. About 12 years ago when cigar smoking became “in”, the price of a Cohiba Esplindido tripled overnight.

    About the same time my doc said no more smoke, even uninhaled so regrettably I figured this was a sign and I haven’t touched one since but Jeez I miss them. Sometimes I pull out the humidor just to smell it (hmmm that sounds a little gross doesn’t it?)

  2. Once Ben and his guy friends and I went to a winery where the comely female wine-bar sever smoked cigars. And we told him “Well, if she’ll suck on big brown things, she’ll certainly suck on little white things!” It gave him heart, you know.

    Gretchen…also wrote this…Blast From My Ass, I Mean The Past.