How Loyal Should a Boomer Be? — 2 Comments

  1. Buy American? Looks like shopping from now on is going to be awfully slim pickings.

    Sorry, but when I go out to shop for anything from groceries to big box store items I’m going to get what I need, not adhere to some foolish push to “buy American” when I haven’t been able to do that for the better part of the last 3 decades. It’s way too little and way too late for that kind of thing now.

    Walmart has the highest percentage of American made products of all the big box stores and that’s only around 11% or so. What does that tell you?

    Same goes for vehicles. I’m going to buy reliability not a brand name especially these days when I’m less capable and vehicles are not repairable by the owner.

    Is anything really made in America anymore besides those items locally made and sold at small businesses by the crafter themselves? I really have to wonder about that.

    Kirk M…also wrote this…Doing the VA thing today