Meme for Young People, but I Did It Anyway — 12 Comments

  1. You and my hubby and 1000s like you….chocolate and peanut butter!!! Sorry to read your answer for #20

    My stolen meme is posted, won’t you stop by and keep me a bit of company sometime today?

    Happy Sunday.

  2. About your ‘None’ nickname answer, in Neil Gaiman’s, The Graveyard Book, the main character is called ‘Nobody Owens’ or Bod, for short, and I thought that was the most awesome name. Gosh, I’m being random today.

    Tilli…also wrote this…Procrastrinatron.

  3. I love “mucho moola or M&M’s”. We get to a certain age and really realize what’s important! HaHa!

    And, hey! Who knew there was, evidently, only one town in the whole world named Findlay? Although, being in Kentucky you probably had a pretty good idea anyway.

    BTW: I spent the first 4 yrs of my life in Owensboro.

    • @Nichole: My mother was from Seven Mile, OH! And OH had a lower drinking age than MI back in the day. A lot of us had OH maps in our cars that we studied. Small world that you lived in O’boro for a while.

  4. I agree, cheek-licking is a hilariously under-rated activity. Scrap air-kisses, bring on wet willies and slobbery faces I say. Works for dogs, dunnit?

  5. Loved the responses, funny, poignant, timely.

    The Godot answer reminded me of graffiti I saw eons ago when I was in Amsterdam.

    It said
    “I’ll be right back.

    — Godot”

    And BTW I hadn’t realized how much the popping the B in billions subconsciously irritated me until you mentioned it. They can pop the tr- in trillion if they want. Billion is so… commonplace.

    Polly-Vous Francais…also wrote this…Monday Morning News Mini-Roundup

  6. @Polly-Vous Francais, thanks. I love that Graffiti. My campaign against B popping is getting traction, thanks to the Stimulus Package and the mention of Trillion dollar deficits.