Sunday Stealing Meme: It’s Another One for the Kids. — 10 Comments

  1. I don’t know why…but I’m laughing like hell over your answers. Is that normal? Maybe it’s the time of night…er, morning. I need to go to bed. But, you are funny Mark. And….I agree, some of these memes are getting to me too.

  2. Ya, the last two or three weeks, I’ve just not participated in S.S. meme for Sunday because of the same reason you mentioned. And I won’t today either. I bet you could get one going for ALL age groups. Try it.

    Your answers are good considering the questions are for younger people.

  3. @Kim: 10-4; I just did and adult meme. Have at it.

    @Jade: Yes. They do now (see above) and I said “adults” not just “over 40” I may do another for “over 60” just to Freak. you. out. 🙂