There are No Midget Farmers. period. — 7 Comments

    • READERS: Brian seems convinced that this dwarf is a midget. And the dwarf farms.
      I think he’s full of it.
      There are no midget farmers.
      I’m going to take a poll.

  1. I love midgets… Wee-Man, the Burger King Farmer… Tattoo from Fantasy Island… the Oompa Loopma’s! I also agree… the guy and his dwarf family are farmers… but they are not midgets!

  2. Just so you know – midget is not a scientific term to differentiate proportionate dwarfs from disproportionate dwarfs. There is no difference. Calling a person with dwarfism a midget is like calling a black person a nigger. Sure, plenty of people do it, but it’s still kinda crappy.

    And yep, Matt Roloff is a farmer, although Mark Trombino (the dude in the BK commercial) is just an actor…