When Severe Weather Approaches, We Are So Unprepared — 3 Comments

  1. Well, wall clouds are often pretornadic. Problem is, they have to over-forecast to avoid mudslinging or even potential legal liability if there IS a tornado which was under-forecast. (Spoken like a true legal-educated weather nerd, eh?)

    Gretchen…also wrote this…The Hounds Of Guilt.

  2. Your weather ‘dud’ is not very reliable….about as reliable as your mass of tangled cables and charger….YIKES. Good luck Mark. Hope no bad tornados come your way….HIDE!

    Joy…also wrote this…Just a Note from Joy

  3. @Gretchen: Oh, you all stick together.

    I have seen professional weather forecasters. They report what they see and what the predict will happen based on what they see. This weather team speculates. It really is that bad. It borders on irresponsibility.

    @Joy: Because of the past scare tactics we depend on the Natl Weather Service. We don’t take cover anymore. We just were concerned that we didn’t have snowboots for when we ended up in Kansas.

    GoingLikeSixty…also wrote this…When Severe Weather Approaches, We Are So Unprepared