A No-theme Meme — 16 Comments

  1. fun and funny. LOL at 13 which almost pertains to me too(not the brute part)12 & 11 hit home too.Nice way to end the evening,smiling.Thanks,Sandi

  2. Stopping by for the first time via Stealing Sunday. Your answers had me cracking up. I fully understand the dandelion hair – I’ve got naturally curly hair so when we are enjoying high humidity – my hair is out of control!

    Happy Sunday!

    Stacie…also wrote this…Stealing Sunday

  3. You fear cowpies? LOL, —-okay. I won’t ask.

    My “Sunday” stealing is now posted…please scroll down beyond the Easter pictures to view my answers.

  4. @Catch Her In The Wry: actually a couple young mothers wished they could nap more!
    @Sandi Sellers: you must write about your guilty pleasure!
    @Stacie: Thanks! I’m pleased you got a chuckle.
    @Hootin’ Anni: My inner smart ass reared up.
    @NurseExec: Thanks for dropping by, come again soon. Blog Design is right out of the box, but thanks!

    goinglikesixty…also wrote this…A No-theme Meme

  5. I’m checking out what happens after a meme gets stolen… and some questions get changed. So, the meme as I picked it up had Q14 as “What did you want to be when you grew up?” which does have a different tone to any mention of “career” for sure!

    In fact, I wasn’t checking that. I was just popping by to say hello, in fact, and I enjoyed your answers. Good to meet you!

    GreenishLady…also wrote this…Another Meme