Hollie Steel May Give Susan Boyle Comeuppance — 6 Comments

  1. The new, “improved” Susn Boyle looks so commonplace you’d pass her over at the grocery store check-out line or the reference desk at the library. She should go back to a more, uh, dinstinctive look. Wherein lies her fleeting 15 minutes.

    Polly-Vous Francais…also wrote this…Rendezvous in Paris, 1978

  2. Bith of them have such amazing talent! I hope Susan Boyle takes the contest, though, because little girl has probably already created a pretty secure future in music. As for Susan’s makeover … if it gives her more confidence and makes her feel good, why not? She’s the same beautiful woman either way.

    Grandma Henke…also wrote this…Just Happy Stuff

  3. Susan Boyle has a great voice, if she only look good then she could have been a fast rising star. the music industry is also like showbiz, somehow you need to look good if you want to become famous fast.