Oh Really? This Is Turn Off Your TV Week? — 4 Comments

  1. Ain’t timing a funny thing. I remember the year my bedtime was extended so that I could finally stay up late enough to watch Charlies Angels. That was the year after the show finished… oh well.
    Congrats on finishing. Any idea how many beers total were drunk? ~ Steve, the trade show guru

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  2. @Steve, the trade show guru: I’m sorry, I can’t discuss the compensation plan. I personally drank 14 Miller Chills over three days (not counting the six I had at the ballgame.)

  3. The schools are seriously pushing that. I wouldn’t notice. The boys wouldn’t notice if they could still play Wii. Ben, on the other hand, absolutely could not abide it — which is why the TV will be NOT turned off at our house.

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