Susan Boyle Proves American Idol Yet to Discover Real Talent — 9 Comments

  1. Happy Easter to you and yours,Someone on twitter put up a link to that inspiring and brilliant display of talent late last nite. I went there and there I stayed until 6:00 am The little girl Connie,my god, I just couldn’t tear myself away!Used to sing in the honky tonks myself never going any further,well, in a sense I did,in church.The Britain version is much better but I don’t watch the US anymore,last season I watched was with Reuben and Clay and I thought Clay should have won.(listened to him last nite too)hope I can find my way back to that site.(sorry about being so long winded)

  2. @Jamie: Yes I should have done thorough research on U.S. TeeVee vs. British TeeVee so that my blog readers will know the true facts, they depend on me heavily to be completely accurate – especially on British TeeVee programs.
    Thank you for getting me back on track.

    GoingLikeSixty…also wrote this…Twitter Updates for 2009-04-19

  3. I really loved the final 5 American idol group song last night. It was a pity to see Aaron Kelly got rid of however I believe the other singers were better so he needed to go!

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