Today Begins Big Ass TeeVee Installation – Be Back Tuesday — 6 Comments

  1. Oh Lord…have mercy on your soul. This could be the last time we hear from you. Have you got all your necessary papers in order? Sending Nancy my best…..

    • @Joy: absolutely, Nancy makes sure my DNR is constantly updated. She asks me quarterly to sign new docs.
      @Gretchen: I became a defacto widower when she got her BAEM (Big Ass Embroidery Machine) so there!

    • @Digital EDGE: Too late, but at least I did buy a Samsung and not a Sony. All I could remember was it started with S and wasn’t Sears. It is an LCD. I’ll take a look at Viewsat HD. Boxee sounds cool too.

  2. Also cancel Dish Network but keep the dish and get a Viewsat HD box and enjoy your programing for free! (you didn’t hear that from me LOL)