Today We Play, What the Hell IS This? — 10 Comments

  1. Loved your Paris toilet encounter! I suppose there’s a reason why toilets have been the same for years – it’s a damn good design. I wish people would stop trying to better it.

  2. @Mark Tech: Hiya. no, I think it can be improved upon. I like the taller ones and the wider ones because I am taller and wider. And the more powerful ones are good. I don’t mind them playing in the toilet, just don’t try to tell me that a Yoga Toilet is desirable. 🙂

  3. I’d forgot all about power – now that is important! There’s nothing worse than using somebody else’s toilet and having a blockage situation. Think I had to use someone’s shampoo bottle once to clear a stubborn log!

    Mark Tech…also wrote this…Silver PS3 looking less likely

  4. @kingdavid: Excellent point on the Feng Shui.

    All the world’s a toilet (if your a guy or young girl.)

    @Tam Dunce Techie: Sure, for you, the blue loo us $82.98 installed. The Pepe LePew Loo is $7898 Euros with free shipping, and the Vroom Vroom Loo is $666 (tv not included)

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  5. Loved your Parisian toilettes story! In 3 years in Paris, I never used one of those automatic ones, even the free ones– they scared me. I usually just found a crowded cafe, walked in as if a were looking for a friend, and slipped downstairs to the Jeanne d’Arc.

    Next time you go to Paris, keep this on your Blackberry

    Polly-Vous Francais…also wrote this…Rendezvous in Paris, 1978