MASH Cast Analysis – According to Stereotypes — 4 Comments

  1. No mention of Col. Blake, Frank Burns and Trapper John?

    The inept Blake trying to run that insane asylum was some priceless TV.

    Major Burns was bust a gut hilarious as the paranoid patriotic bumbling surgeon. Who can forget Hawkeys’s english lesson…Frank Burns “eats worms.”

    Trapper was the perfect mischief maker BFF of Hawkeye.

    The miracle is that MASH not only survived but flourished after those three superb cast members left.

    Can’t argue with best(sitcom) show of all time but several close seconds like:

    The Honeymooners
    The Odd Couple
    All in the Family
    Mary Tyler Moore
    WKRP in Cincinnati
    Curb Your Enthusiasm

    The next cut includes:

    Bewitched/I Dream of Jeannie
    Barney Miller
    Bob Newhart show(both of them)
    The King of Queens
    Get Smart
    The Beverly Hillbillies/Green Acres
    Married With Children

    Many Many more memories than these
    but these are some of the best

    • Whoa, a MASH-amatic! You made a great list. I never understood The Honeymooners. Seemed to be a one-trick-pony. I wish WKRP was available online. I understand there is a problem with licensing and the studio actually doesn’t own the rights or something like that.

      The classic episode ender Of. All. Time. The Dream episode on The Bob Newhart Show. I can still sing the lyrics to Green Acres: my favorite character: Mr. Haney.

      Excellent list.

    • Geez, how old are you? 90? These sitcoms are from the dinosaur age. Nobody under 30 watches “sitcoms” anymore. Reality is where it’s at. Reality is funny enough, watching all the washed up sitcom stars from your generation suffering through rehab and generally farting their way closer and closer to their graves.