GM Plant Closings Announced — 2 Comments

  1. A very sad thing indeed not only for those who work at those plants but for all the businesses large and small that depend on having those plants up and running in order to survive (right down to the local diner that served 24 hour breakfasts to the 2nd and 3rd shift workers if you know what I mean).

    For GM itself (and Chrysler for that matter) I have no sympathy because they deserve none. They weren’t blind to what was happening, they knew what they should have been doing over the past 3+ decades but instead they kept rolling out inefficient, low quality cars with minimum warranties and charging a premium for them while they sat on their collective rear ends and raking in profits that they knew wouldn’t last. And all the while they watched the non-US automakers make huge advancements in automotive technology year after year. Hell, even Ford was smarter than that. Not much but enough to keep them rolling on their own for now.

    Hmm, didn’t expect this comment to turn into a rant but it did. It’s the unbelievable stupidity of the whole thing that pisses me off plus the fact that all of it could have been avoided.

    Kirk M…also wrote this…Spammers welcome me home

  2. Hey, glad you have you back!

    I agree. And since when did the local car dealer’s position in society rise to such a high level?

    A. When the media needed to “put a face” on this crisis, so they go to small town dealer in a store that hadn’t been remodeled since Dad started the biz.