Cash for Clunker Crybabies — 15 Comments

  1. I don’t see how trashing our old American cars that support the auto parts market (still a thriving business in America) and converting people into JAP cars is going to do any good. Haven’t we sent enough money overseas? Let’s cut the middle man out, and just write a 2 billion dollar check to the gooks.. Same damn thing.

  2. You really need your own show. You can team up with Steve Colbert on the Steve Colbert Report for a start (one of my favorites). Then maybe your own stint? “Going Like Sixty Live” on Comedy Central. Sounds good, huh? I like it!

    And yeah, I agree. America’s full of cry babies these days. Or is it the media that just makes it appear that way?
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  3. @Kirk: Wow, you must be physic or sumptin’.

    Have a former Dr. Johnny Fever-like advisor I am consulting with.

    The NADA speaks for a lot of dealers, and I’ve seen a lot of stories on the AP that are of a similar vein.

    I guess they will be crying next Tuesday after the well runs dry.
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  4. Yeah, you never want to talk about your hometown on the air so what you do is come up with a make believe town (like “Lake Wobegone” from the “Prairie Home Companion”) and talk about that instead. You take real local events and embellish the crap out of them. This way people listening in can laugh at the parodies of themselves and the town they live in without having to get personal about it.
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    • Yes, but I have this very distinctive voice: Sylvester the Cat on Helium, and people would know me from that. I’m thinking I need a spy device that will change the pitch and tone of my voice.

  5. Good…, as they say, all good things come to an end. Actually, this could be considered a BAD thing b/c it’s CRAZY, we are giving people money to live more vicariously and lavishly than before all this economical bust took place? What are we doing? Spoiling every single last American? Let’s learn to live in moderation, then we wouldn’t have so much debt…Well, the fish sticks from the the head is the While House…right?

  6. @JasonBradyut: Stinks? By everyone’s measure – everyone’s – the program was an astounding success!

    If we can get the economy going on the backs of the ignorant, then what’s the harm. In a couple years all these new cars will be repo’d and on the lots again.
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  7. @John Frank
    What do Jewish-American Princesses have to do with this? Or am I mistaken?

  8. Well, I dont know about Rebpublicans but this conservatives says we should not be giving away money to the Welfare for Cars program. Let them all rot in hell. Obama is an idiot.

  9. I am not sure how these cash for clunker program benefits for people that have chosen buying fuel efficient cars at the beginning. Those people who drove gas eater cars or old junk got the biggest gain for this. So does that say everyone should not buy fuel efficient cars at the beginning and let the Government help you buying you a new car? Just doesn’t sound fair to me especially tax money are being spent like this….
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