Glenn Beck Loses 57 Advertisers for Fox — 74 Comments

  1. Where were all these advertisers when George Bush was President? It didn’t get much uglier then!!!!!

  2. now i know which companies *I* need to avoid. funny how free speech costs when others don’t like what is being said…

  3. It is strange dispite these advertiser pulling their adds. His ratings are going up and have since July. Strange thing is I remember after Election Chris Matthews said he would do what ever it took to make things look good. I took that is he was going to lie. When will either side pay attention Just report the truth.

  4. Thanks for giving the list of what companies I need to boycott for the attempt to stop free speech in its tracks.

  5. Does anyone know where I can find the complete list of advertisers? I want to be sure none of them get *my* money, and I’d like to write to them, just so they are know it. We should ALL be supporting free speech, whether or not we like what is actually said.

  6. If our country survives we can give GLENN BECK the credit. He and FOX NEWS are the only voices that we have. You want get the truth anywhere else. My money will not be spent with any of these companies and my husband and I have already written letters to some of them. Others will follow! We will not give up our country without our voices being heard . My husband is a WWII Veteran but he has just begun to fight!

  7. @Julia and others who are boycotting Beck boycotters: they don’t care about you, otherwise they would still be advertising.

    You are marginalized. The looney fringe.

    @Darla: Yeah, free speech is why Glenn Beck has the right to be a fool. But doesn’t mean he should.

    @Frances Mullins: You one of the fraidy-cats? If Beck is so powerful, why doesn’t he run for office?
    How do you feel that he is a multi-millionaire? Think he knows anything about the middle class? HAR.

  8. Both Obama and his wife are racist and victims. Ask them about being victims. Mr. Beck is a breath of fresh air and tells it like it is. He is a modern day prophet and needs to be listened to. You Leftest someday will grow up politicallly.

  9. Need a complete list of these stupid companies so I will know WHO NOT TO BUY FROM! I have had it with baby murdering liberals who do not know right from wrong!

  10. Glen Beck is an idiot, in fact he’s a rich idiot who managed to worm his way into the spotlight of a major news network. Of course, Fox News has never been known to be objective in any way so I bet they just loved him (notice I say that in the past tense?). But that’s not the reason he’s an idiot.

    He can say anything he wants to–he has the right as long as Fox let’s him spew in the faces of those who choose to view him as long as he brings in the ratings and it doesn’t hurt Fox News.

    The reason that Glenn Beck is an idiot and what some of the commenters here don’t seem to realize is that Glenn Beck, with all his rhetoric, FUD spreading and fear mongering (as most perceive it), is well on his way in damaging Fox News’ advertising revenue. Advertisers mean income and a whole lot of it when it comes to a major network. Without advertisers, Fox News would eventually collapse as a news network and good old Glenn just doesn’t seem to realize that he’s rapidly digging his own grave. All he really amounts to is the television version of “shock radio”. But the “shock” is going to wear real thin real quick when Fox News (reluctantly I’m sure) finally wakes up to the fact that their sweetheart is costing them money. Then it’s bye, bye Beck.

    Major advertisers pulling their ads from Beck’s show is not an attempt to curb free speech in any way, shape or form. It’s just business doing business.

    And btw, I’m neither left nor right nor middle ground–I’m my own person and, after I take a good long objective look at any political situation, elction, bill, plan, what-have-you then I’ll vote/decide/etc as I see fit.
    .-= Kirk M´s last blog ..Come meet the new car. Same as the old car. =-.

  11. I vote with my dollar – I will NO longer purchase any product or service from a company who withdrew their ads from Fox/Glen Beck – I will also be following up with email/letters to every one of the 57 companies. You go Glen!!!

  12. Kirk, keep on mouthing, you are probably one of those on a government entitlement. Glenn Beck is what this country has been needing for a long time, not people like you!! I hope he makes billions, just like all the corrupt politicians we now call ” leaders ” !!

  13. @Sixty – I know. I consider it one of my greatest personality quirks; forming opinions without help. Myself and others like me will surely bring this country to it’s knees. Perhaps we should start our own political movement? The Objective Party? (Just think of the catchy turns of phrase the media could make out of that)

    Would we have to lower our individual intelligence and common sense in order to qualify politically though? Just wondering.

  14. I think what you people who write these articles don’t get is that WE THE PEOPLE are smart enough and watch enough of what goes on to see through your CRAP!! keep writing your articles thatget lousy reviews. Glenn is a breath of fresh air. he challnges you to ask the important questions not be politically correct. Is Obama a racist> I don’t really know or care. What he’s done so far in office is enough to turn me off and away FOREVER! Kepp it up Glenn baby!

  15. While this is certainly been interesting we still have 2 main concerns we have some people that apparently believe it’s wrong to have money or to make money there are a few that I’ve read that seems awful concern that he may be a millionaire like that any dirty word? Well at least it was in Russia in 1917. regardless of why when a corporation start trying to censor what you listen to use interrupt your free speech and they’re trying to impose their will on you if you want true boycott of the show you must get viewers to turn off the show not the corporation to pull their money. How would it be if your program suddenly lost all their revenue because it corporate sponsor did not like what was said I don’t know maybe when it was said the police acted stupidly before all the facts were known? Those that can think, think for the rest of you keep sucking you your thumb.

  16. @Starka: good point on who needs to boycott to get Beck off air. Advertisers TRY to influence media all the time. TV is most susceptible to this kind of influence because TV is driven TOTALLY by ratings. Ratings determine how much they can charge for a program.

    Sponsors come and go.

    My problem with Beck earning $23 million is that he (and Limbaugh) are soooo rich they don’t have any idea what it’s like for the rest of us. They are in the top 2%.

    Of course they don’t want taxes to go up on the rich and down for the rest of us. They are greedy and selfish.

  17. To the Suzies, and Julies and alike: It’s as much a companies’ right to boycott an elective act such as paying for advertisement with Fox as it is his right to spew forth his moronic (and your) opinions. Please feel free to boycott all 60 or so companies that agree with the rest of us and see how far that gets you (read: we don’t really care about you).

  18. Anyone who believes that Glenn Beck and Fox Network are in anyway the voice of America are to young to remember when the kind of crap they put out was communist. Where are the people with the guts to admit they think those two independantly are againt the AMERICAN WAY. Stand up for America, the same America your parents fought and died for and not the sorry blame everyone else America these two dummies profess to support. If ignorance is bliss I can only surmise the two entities are the happiest stones in the forest.

  19. Obama is a racist and socialist and has no respect for the constitution. The time for sitting back and allowing polititions to put their interests above those of people they ares supposed to be serving is over. Thanks to Glenn for not being afraid to give us a voice!

  20. Most media is so liberal, they will only report “news” that agrees with their own views. Fox is the most objective news source available.

  21. If Glenn is making millions, more power to him. So is Al Gore and the looneies don’t care that he’s NEVER had a job. Nancy Pelosi is a millionaire and so is Joe Biden and the left doesn’t care. Glenn at least works for his money. I will boycott advertisers who boycott Glenn and I will peacefully protest a government that doesn’t have a clue. I am 63yrs.old, a Vietnam vet and a historian who studies American history and Glenn gets it.

  22. @Al Smith: good point, with age and experience come wisdom. Beck is a punk.

    @Karen: Racist based on what facts? Fox News isn’t “media”? what are they then. You just circle talk: Fox is media, don’t trust media, trust Glenn Beck, trust Fox. Whew, wore me out.

    @Greg Hernandez: I don’t have a problem with him making millions, just don’t pretend to represent the common folks, same with the Dems you mentioned, they don’t represent us either. Beck works for his money? Talking is work? HAR.

    And big whoop that you are a Vietnam vet, does this make your brain better than others? No, not based on that fact alone.

  23. No, being a vet doesn’t make my brain better it just means I risked my life so cowards like you could shoot your mouth off on things you have no knowledge of. I am also a musician and have performed for 2 inaugurals, numerous conventions(both parties)fundraisers for charity and for wounded troops, memorial services and military funerals. I am involved. Actions speak louder then words and your words are cheap. And though being a vet doesn’t increase my brain power at least I HAVE a brain and use it. So go back to your playpen and let us adults have some peace and quiet from your childish tantrum because teaching liberals IS HARD WORK.

  24. one thing about squirrls in America…..we have plenty of NUTS!
    omama-chewing the hell out of the constitution!
    biden, polosi, reid, MSNBC journalist, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, all the nut supporters (soros) etc.
    obama …stop saying americans support your agenda, WE DON”T!
    I will never apolgized to any islamic group, france, germany or any country. They owe us THANKS and more THANKS for our dedicated soldiers. obama’s agenda is DANGEROUS!
    You voted for obama… based on ( CHANGE ) ????

  25. Well I guess advertisers like these like sleeping in bed with the government. Something like having your cake and eating to. Maybe they all should have their companies based in Russia and see what that government does to people and their business. Should be interesting.

  26. @Greg Hernandez: thanks for risking your life so I can shoot my mouth off. Coward? Dunno, never been in a life threatening situation before.

    Where was my tantrum? Seems like most of the tantrums are being thrown in the comments!

    @Comment$ents: I take it that you and other get your information ONLY from Beck and/or Fox News?

    Seriously… aside from Rush and Glenn, where else do you get information? Email? Websites? I’d like to know.

    @Carol:OMG Wal-mart is in bed with the gummit. Wait, Russia is worse than the U.S. when it comes to business? I thought U.S. was the worse possible place in the world under Obama.

    Jeez, I’m so confused.

  27. AT least Glenn looks you in the eye and talks out of the front of his mouth, He also answers questions that are above his pay grade!!!! Unlike Obama and his socalist friends who pass the buck and say things like I didnt know that Acorn was getting Government Money? But we shouldnt call him a liar!! thats racist more like reverse racisim!!!

    • Yeah, the guy with the Harvard Law Degree is inarticulate. Nobody called him a liar for ACORN. Only one guy called him a liar for saying illegals will not be covered on health care reform.

  28. Often I’ll watch the Fox channel to see if anything has changed and, unfortunatlety, it never does. Last night’s lead in for O’Reilly, Hannity and Beck were all about ACORN. All of the rest of the news channels leads were about the potential terrorist from Denver. What’s that say about FOX? Amazing. Some smalltime left wing group commands the attention of the FOX audience more so than a potential terrorist attack on the U.S.
    When watching O’Reilly, Hannity or Beck, notice the loud music and bright colors that they play when coming in or out of commercials; that is whatever sponsors they have left. That’s meant to draw and keep your attention; a trick as old as advertising. Play loud music and do colorful visuals to keep the mindless occupied and grab what small attention span there is.
    You remember how well National Enquirer did? Well its circulation is diminsihing tremendously regarless of how many morons out there that believe that Martian big game hunters killed off the dinosaurs or that “Batboy” really exists. Fox and its goofballs are headed in the same direction. They’re turning into an afternoon local channel kids show.
    Lastly, the National Enquirer’s has a catch phrase, “Inquiring minds want to know.” Fox has a catch phrase too, “Fair and Balanced.” If you need a “catch phrase” odds are you need a gimmick to keep people watching. Good luck lemmings!

  29. Hats off to Greg Hernandez. Thanks for your service to your country. Maybe GoingLikeSixYearsOld ought read that sentence I juist wrote and consider that him running his mouth doesn’t serve anyone I know. Like my best friend, a twenty year Navy vet once said, “There are two kinds of people who complain about this country. Those that have never been here and those that have never left. BTW I was a single parent who put both of his boys in the military. Ask either of them today and they will tell you that it was the best thing they could have ever done.

    • @Uncle Charlie: I don’t serve anyone you know. That’s probably true. So what? Woo Hoo, single parent! one of the “entitlement” people. Glad your boys served and glad they felt it was worth it. Have you ever talked to a Vet who said they hated it?

  30. Thanks for the list of companies and products that I NOW have even more respect for and will make a conscious effort to purchase from.

    Beck is just another psycho added to the feeble Fox roster. Think for yourself America.

  31. talking about hate! that is all any one on this site does. So we don’t all agree and we never will. Each side has its good points but is it completely necessary to be calling each other names over opinions? Each and every one of us is lucky because we have the right to talk freely and hopefully that continues, but meanwhile this right is be abused by the majority of the commenters on this site.

    state your facts and defend them with more facts. Glenn Beck is giving his opinion based on the “facts” he has, and I do hope he is getting them from creditable sources but does calling him names make you any better of a person them him? If you want to convince others that he is such a bad guy say it respectfully to both Mr. Beck and the people you are arguing with. Those that have to resort to name calling and other dirty tactics do so because they can no longer logically back up their arguments.

    People make mistakes in their lives, and so does glenn. He is going to be wrong on some of his opinions but all of us have to be wrong at times, its called being human.

    I do not always agree with glenn but does raise some valid points, and he honestly believes what he tells you.

    Now all that is left to do is wait for the commentator that will decided to call me a name for asking people to express their opinions in a civil manner.

  32. Looks like all the kids finally went to bed, all snug and warm in their little jammies. Now the grownups can converse. For all the remaining twits that hate Glen Beck, let me say this. While you gloat over the 57 companies that want to tow the party line and want to kill the messenger, you fail to address the real issue (Kirk M take notice (you give yourself way too much credit for that intelligence thing) this isn’t about Beck. Is Obama a racists. If you were to screen out Beck and only hear Obama and his legion of czars in their own words you would discovery that the answer is YES. Carter was right, but about the wrong Americans. Young white Americans have been taught to be asahamed of their country and this country’s founding relegion. While I believe in no God, my experience with relegion has not damaged me in any way and I would hate to see Christian faith fail. The problem with the youth of this country is they know no hard times and lack any genuine empathy. A disaster to them is when the enter key on their cell breaks and can’t text, Starbucks is out of their favorite latte or they drop their IPod.

  33. To those bashing Glenn,Rush,Ann Coulter or Fox, just stop for one minute and actually think. On TV we have NBC, CBS,ABC,MSNBC, CNN all to the left of center. Fox is the only network that is to the right. If you want to be balanced then you should watch any of those others AND Fox. Talk radio is mostly conservative because there are IDEAS out there and people want to hear more than HATE BUSH and Republicans are BAD. That is why liberal radio always fails. Why would a station broadcast a show with a thousand listeners when they have a show that has millions of listeners ? That is business 101. Why is it that there were no debates on FOX and Dem. pols won’t go on Fox ? Is it because they are Cowards and will not answer the tough questions ? Rebublicans go on those other networks and FOX. Trying to teach liberals to think is like trying to teach a rock how to swim.

  34. NOTE: Glenn Beck does not do NEWS. He does commentary.

    @Greg Hernandez: the other networks you listed to not do commentary. And how can organizations with tens of thousands of employees ALL be the the left.

    Aside from CNN and MSNBC, they don’t do commentaries like Beck or BOR.

    I love your last line, just so damn original and clever.
    If you mean the NEWS anchors are left? What evidence do you have of this?

  35. @Uncle Charlie – [chuckle] I never said I was intelligent and didn’t mean to come off that way. Experienced maybe but no more intelligent than the next person. Of course, this thread on which I assume “adults” are commenting, lost all validity once the comments were reduced to name calling, insults and insinuations. Adults indeed.

    I don’t usually mention this but I also served (Cold War submariner, special projects boat out of Norfolk, VA). I loved it to tell the truth and I had the honor of working with all races of people in some very unusual situations, some rather horrible. I’ve visited several different countries, not all of which were “nice” places where Americans were looked upon favorably. The only point in mentioning this is that this kind of experience tends to widen one’s viewpoint.

    As far as Glen Beck is concerned, I don’t hate the man and I only called him an idiot mainly for his lack of business sense as he seems to be unaware that Fox news will drop him as soon as his show begins to hurt ratings and advertising income. Business, after all, is business.

    And is Obama a racist? People like you and I will never know now will we? Considering he’s only human like the rest of us I’d say it’s very likely that there’s a bit of racism in the man–just like in all of us.

    Is he a liar? C’mon now, of course he is. Just like every other President this country has ever had. What makes him so damn different than the rest of us? Can you possibly imagine what would happen if our President told nothing but the truth? Think about it.

    Did you ever heard of the covert duress system during the Cold War? They may not call it that now but it’s still very much in effect.

    And with all due respect, Charlie. You really need to reacquaint yourself with the fact that our “kids” that you say have no empathy and have not experienced hard times are being sent off to Iraq and Afghanistan to fight and very often, to die as well. Okay, not all of them but it makes me wonder what kind of horrific situations our kids will be fighting in once you and I (with some other President in office mind you) are dead and gone.

    Just a personal and slightly off-topic observation here but I find it singularly ironic that these so called adults are the ones that start these wars but it’s the kids who are sent to fight (and die) in them.

  36. If you watch TV you would notice that all those stations have commentators. Glenn and Sean and the rest ARE cmmentators too. My evidence is what I hear with my own ears.I was in DC on 9-12 and the coverage (or lack thereof)was atrocious. They never even mentioned there were NO arrests and we cleaned up after ourselves.And as far as their counts went, we had hundreds of thousands not tens of thousands. AP just had a story about a pro healthcare “Rally”in Virginia and they named all 4 of the supporters that were there. It was on the front page of one of my local papers.When I got home from the DC protest I turned on the news and checked all the so-called mainstream media there was no in depth coverage and no mention of the other protests that were going on in 45 states at the same time. There were over 2,000,000 people protesting country wide and there was NO COVERAGE. Left leaning, these people are in the Twi-light Zone and they wonder why no sane person believes them any more. They wonder why their newspaper circulation is down and their TV audience is shrinking. The answer is, in my opinion, that people are tired of being lied to and being talked down to as if we are idiots and can’t understand the world. I do not hold a drunken senator who saved his own fat ass and let a girl drown as some kind of hero( YES, I met him and speak from personal experience).All the coverage at his funeral made me puke. Every Dem candidate is a genius who has every answer and every Republican is stupid and knows nothing about the Real world. For years feminists said women could have it all. A career and a family. So what happens ?? Sarah Palin does just what they always said women should do and they HATED her. The media is biased and full of lies and that’s why people want and will support FOX and Talk Radio…… Maybe what we need is Radio Free America. For those who remember Radio Free Europe.

  37. @Greg: Name the commentators on NBC News, ABC News, CBS News.

    BTW: throw in a return every once in a while (it’s the “enter” key – a big fat on on the RIGHT side of your keyboard.

    NO COVERAGE is just wrong. wrong. wrong.

    AND you want MORE government control of speech? Radio Free America? HAR. The government already controls all broadcast by issuing of FCC licenses.

    You have no facts.

    Dredging up a Dead Kennedy is always a class act.

  38. I guess some are too young to remember Cronkite, Huntley & Brinkley& Dan Rather. Maybe Olberman( He of the tingly leg)and puff ball Chris Matthews will jog your mind.But their is not enough room on this blog for all the names.
    Oh, I thought the big key on the right was the shift key.
    The coverage of DC was a disgrace..Right..Right..Right.
    No government media…Free Speech !!!Says so in The Bill Of Rights.
    Dredging up dead Kennedys is always OK if you are a Dem. I supported JFK and Bobbie. Ted was a disgrace and I am sick of hearing about him.
    The nice thing about being a conservative is learning how to look up the facts. If you want the facts that support what I write about then I suggest you go to sites that cover a broad spectrum of subjects, buy some books and actually read them, read several newspapers every day, watch different news coverage so you can see how stories are covered and get active in your community.
    Like I noted before,teaching liberals to think is like teaching a rock to swim.

  39. @Greg, can I call you Greg?

    Chris Matthews is a commentator, not newser, Olberman too.

    You didn’t say the coverage of 9.12 was disgrace originally, you said “no coverage.” Can you admit you got a little carried away, when you really meant to say there wasn’t enough coverage for YOU?

    You brought up Radio Free America. I guess that was sarcasm and I missed it?

    Hee. if you only knew anything about me, you would realize how lame your advice is.

    And splitting hairs, as you like to do, I said the enter key was the big fat key. Not the biggest fat key. Let’s be accurate here. Try to stick to the facts when you challenge me.

  40. Going like sixty
    You asked me to name commentators,I did.
    Please call me Greg, I do sign my real name.

    The coverage was a disgrace in the “mainstream Media” because in many instances there was none and much of what was covered was innaccurate.I knew where to go for coverage and am STILL sifting through it. I was surprised to see myself in a 5 second blurb on PBS this Sunday morning and friends have told me they saw me on World News. Cameras are attracted to good music !

    Yes just a little bit of sarcasm on th RFE note but not towards you, just sometimes how I feel about The media in general. I feel let down. What happened to the hard hitting reporters who were not afraid to report on all sides of issues ??

    I’m not Challenging You, just tyring to have an open discourse where ideas can be spread and facts & perceptions of same laid out for those who are interested. I only wish you and others who read this the best because as Americans we need to stand together no matter what.

    And, what the hell,we are all full of lame advice. Some call it s**t.

  41. There’s something about the “facts” and the media that needs clarifying (since “the facts” have been mentioned more than once already).

    Some may not agree but “the facts” do not necessarily speak for themselves, it takes someone to interpret them and this interpretation can be shaped into any form the interpreter wishes and for whatever purpose or point that they wish to make. The media has, in my opinion, completely invalidated itself as they only report the news in a way that’s guaranteed to make money and bring in the ratings. The actual facts never enter into it as facts don’t sell in and of themselves.

    In that, it doesn’t matter if it’s NBC, CBS,ABC,MSNBC, CNN or Fox reporting or commenting on local, nationwide or world events, it’s all geared as to what sells the best and eliminates nearly all objectivity in reporting.

    Personally, my wife and I have lost all faith in the media and haven’t had a television hookup (cable, satellite or antennae) in our home for over 10 years, our TV being used only for VCR and DVD movies. We long ago turned to the WWW for news and such where we can read and corroborate news events from every source imaginable, not just what the major news networks spew forth on television. Both of us are what you might call info fiends–we just can’t get enough of it.

    And, of course, these days you can get any news that’s broadcast on TV on the WWW as well so we’re blessed with Glen Beck’s rhetoric online as well.

    Wish the bonehead had his own blog, I’d love to have a chance to comment there, wouldn’t you?
    .-= Kirk M´s last blog ..Women on Submarines? Not too sure about that. =-.

  42. Kirk, you nailed it. It is up to us to find the truth in the swamp of information. I know I get bamboozled(Love that word) sometimes but if I keep searching I’ll find it most of the time even if I don’t always like it. I like Glenn and respect all the effort he puts into his show and his books. Keep the Faith !!!

  43. I assumed that there were a lot of kids on this blog because so many of the response are childish. My Bad!! @Goin’LikeSissy – You can lie to me, but you’re really lying to yourself if you don’t realize that you’d love to see Beck S**t Canned. I, like Greg, do not rely on one source for my take on the world. If you want to know what’s happeniong in the world today, pick up a history book(we are about to repeat some of it). As far as me being an “entitlement” person, you couldn’t be farther from the truth. I won’t bore you with details (or give you foder for anymore childish barbs), you would get it anyway. I don’t understand the point you’re trying to make about vets hating their military service, but I’ll try. First, there are people in this country who feel they owe a debt of gratitude to this nation & the people who died defending it. Second, they realize there are things in this world you HAVE TO Do, but nobody said you HAD TO LOVE IT. Are you having a party after your high school graduation??? Sidebar to Kirk here. You seem like a well intentioned guy. I assumed that when I refered to “the kids”, that I’m speaking of the self-serving, head-in-the-clouds,live-in-the-moment,history-is-in-the-past, children-of-the-Woodstock-generation and not our brave children who VOLUNTEER knowing that they may be making the ultimate sacrfice. And if any of you really believe that the last thirty years have been tough, you need to spend so time with a few seniors. They will straighten you out.

  44. @Uncle Charlie. Yes, I would like to see Fox News and all their commentators go belly up. (not literally, I mean get taken off the air because people stop watching.)

    I never said Vets hate their service. To the contrary, I think every honorably discharged Vet liked their service for the reasons you outlined.

    The Woodstock Generation is “the kids” Jaysus man, how old are you? By seniors do you mean 80+?

    And call me Sixty or 60 or GLS or whatever, but call me a derogatory name once more and you are outta here.

    So you gather a lot of information before shooting your mouth off? Have you read any of my other posts? My “about me?” Obviously not, or you would know that I am at the oldest end of the Boomer Generation.

    There I told you, just like Glenn Beck does, so you don’t have to go anywhere else to get info about me.

  45. Little touchy there for someone who thinks he knows everthing. Sorry for not being able to guest your age. You come off sounding like a lot of young people I run into. You know, the ones who hate there parents, hate America and think the world owes them something for being so damn cute. The kind of people who only see one side of an arguement (theirs). As far as getting to know you, forget it. I’m going to believe you, discribing you??? That’s pretty funny. And yes, I am talking about 80 years old. You know, the people that haven’t any purpose anymore. How could their life teach you anything about yours?? While everyone is grining over the lost 57 advertizers, don’t be surprized if 58 sign on because they heard something they agree with.

  46. Uncle Charlie and Greg Hernandez — You guys seem to get it! I’m a lifelong democrat, a disabled Vietnam veteran, and also a hippie according to most people.

    People like Glen Beck are necessary to help get the truth out there. I don’t agree with everything he says (I don’t agree with anything anyone says), but he is on the money more often than not.

    I disagree with Cronkite and Huntley/Brinkley being called commentators. They were the last newscasters to tell it like it is, and it was rare tosee them state an opinion.

    The media feeds us what they want us to know, and have gone straight downhill since the mentioned newsmen retired. The news now is about the personality and looks of the newsperson.

    For those that want everything given to them, get a 2nd job. And in most cases get off the couch, and get a job.

    No one ever said life is fair, and everything you want is guaranteed. I know from experience!

  47. Hey going 60,enjoyed the about me so here’s a little about me..

    I have a retro record player/ radio, my 1st job out of H.S. was servicing checkwriters,I too have tinnitus and someone stole my 1830’s banjo clock.

    I am only a little overweight but elevationally challenged but when I was in the USAF I marched in front of the tall guys because I was either carrying the guideon or playing my Fife.

    I lived in San Francisco for 9 years and was a street musician for the last 3 & a half yrs. I won on the Gong Show back in ’77 and was in the movie Gods and Generals in the only music scene.

    Over the years I have met and performed for,Mayor John Lindsay of NY,Lieberman,Dodd Delauro & Govs.Weiker and Rowland of CT senators, Kennedy,Sarbanes and Kerry. Govs of Virginia, Warner,Allen,Gilmore and Wilder and Presidents GHW Bush.WHJ Clinton and GW Bush plus many other Reps and candidates of both parties. I really do believe we should all be involved in our government to make sure it does the will of the people and not the other way around.

    I have been enjoying your blog and I thank you for the chance to share my opinions or as opinions are better known S**T !!

  48. Hi going 60, Well, I was on Gong Show #300 aired Aug. 10th(I think)1977. I played The William Tell on the Fife with my cockatiel on my arm. The judges were J.P.Morgan,Mort Sahl and Jamie Farr and they gave me 30 points.

    The show taped five shows in one day and had all the contestants waiting in an unused studio next to The Hollywood Squares set. At lunchtime we had a huge jam session including singers and dancers. We were having such a good time that a group on the studio tour didn’t want to go any further. It ended because we were so loud they could hear us on the Hollywood Squares !

    If you remember Laugh-In then you’ll remember that the studio was in “Beautiful Downtown Burbank”.

    I had brought a pint of Brandy with me and was pretty well lit up when I got to the airport in LA to return to San Francisco.Well they used to have these little stand up beer bars in the airport and I put on a show there. Wellllll people started buying me beers and I just made my red-eye(2 & a half hr.)flight to SF.
    I kind of passed out and woke up the next morning when the ground crew was cleaning the aircraft in…SEATTLE !!!! Western Airlines was kind enough to give me a free ticket back to San Francisco on the condition that I do not go to sleep.

    I still have my trophy sitting on the entertainment center and will try to send a pic of it on Monday.

    No, I don’t have a blog yet because I can get very busy travelling from CT to NC playing civil War music on my fife and October is extremely busy with 2 weddings,2 4 day re-enactments, 2 old time dances and a private party besides teaching fife every Wednnesday. Whew !! Just got tired writting that with my trusty one finger.

    Any way, happy you wrote back. Feel free to use any part or all of what I wrote. I hope you enjoyed the true Gong Show Story.

  49. Crazy Pelosi has got to be one of the the majority of liberal politicians inside the particular country. It’s exhausting with regard to myself to believe how folk can reelect her in his or her correct head.