Glenn Beck says McCain Would Have Been Worse + List of Advertisers Who Boycott Glenn Beck — 4 Comments

  1. Too bad his ratings have gone up
    Just think of all the millions of people who won’t buy those products because they can’t see the advertisements
    It’s called biting your nose off to spite your face

  2. @Jackie: Yep, ratings are up. But advertisers apparently think Glenn Beck watchers are not good prospects for their goods and services.

    Like Wal-mart… I guess Glenn Beck draws the Flea Market crowd.

  3. I’m amazed at the number of people who do not want to face the TRUTH about what is happening to our country. The fact that Glenn Beck is so hated by so many only reassures me that he is on to something. TRUTH will ALWAYS be resisted since with it comes RESPONSIBILITY, and many Americans have become FAT AND LAZY, and do not want the responsibility of fighting for their country and its values. I say keep up the good work Glenn, and continue to speak the TRUTH in the face of opposition, and as my Mother used to say, “The Truth Will Stand When The World Is On Fire”.