I Want the Government to Take Care of Me. — 3 Comments

  1. What? No flaming comments? I came here to read flaming comments and what do I get? Crickets chirping! If I’d paid money for this I would have demanded a refund! Everybody who didn’t leave a flaming commet’s a wimp!


    You know, it’s just not the same if I rant and rave.

  2. There can be no arguement about need for these vital services. However, there is quite the debate about whether these services need to be privatized or not. In these times of the complete lack of trust of the private sector and corporate responsibility, having the government take over al of these services is looking like it may be the only answer.

  3. @Kirk: oh hush. Give it time.

    @Bobby: what services? The ones I listed that we have or the ones I listed that SHOULD be run by gummit?

    Certainly you don’t want private cops and firefighters etc. etc. Pinkertons again?