Total Knee Replacement: The Longer I Go The Hurtier I Get. — 11 Comments

  1. Well done sir. Glad you got in and out with no complications and the first picture of the aftermath is suitably gross. Nice job all around.

    Remember, do the therapy and take the drugs. They’ll take them away from you all too soon…the drugs that is. 😛

    Glad you’re okay!
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  2. Those orthopedic surgeons are really interested in getting baby boomers to have their knees replaced. My suggestion? Try alternative medicine techniques first. They’re less invasive for the body.

    Good luck with your recovery. You’re brave to put photos of your leg on your blog.
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  3. just found your site, well done. I posted a comment earlier. If you haven’t found it already check I’ve had ACL surgery, that site is a blessing. Good luck, remember you’re on your way back to good knee health – when you’re ready – do the exercise – and when your tired and can’t do anymore? do more exercise, HA! best to you.

  4. I can’t explain how I felt when I first saw your first knee photo. That really hurts! Actually, I never experienced any serious injury before that’s why I don’t have any idea how painful it was. Hoping for your fast recovery. Medication plus therapy sessions, everything will be back into normal.
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  5. had my left knee tot. replace june6,2009..ive had spynal fusions,tumers remove and screws in my r. knee and some other things that have left me with cronic pain for the rest of my life.taking pain meds. all the time sucks!! I take only one kind anb with all the meds out there why cant they come up with a combination that would make more comfortable..some that is a time release and something for rescue…Im 62 yrs old and am so tired of being in pain all the time???sometimes my quality of life sucks…….