Over-the-Road Trucks Need Boattail to Be Sleeker and Greener — 5 Comments

  1. Man, that aerodynamic truck is slick. Kind of eliminates the sleeper cab end of things for long haulers though. Guess you’d have to lose some trailer space to accommodate it.

    The boat tail’s a nice idea but there would have to be an easy way of collapsing the “tail” against the sides or something once you got off the highway. Adding 6.5 feet to the end of your typical rig would most of them illegal. Can you imagine one of those 53′ rigs with a 6.5′ boat tail hanging off the end trying to turn a tight corner in small town USA?

  2. Yup, I agree with all you say, certainly wouldn’t work in cities, but if terminals or docks could make it easy to add and drop boattails, that would be cool.

  3. How about the driver comes to the end of an exit ramp, pushes a button on the dash and the boat tail separates and folds neatly to the sides and top of the trailer. The bottom piece slides into a special compartment underneath. As long as no one is to either side that is.
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  4. Man oh man that rig is sweet! I would be more than happy to haul something like that if it meant some significant fuel savings.