New Year Resolutions for the Rest of You — 11 Comments

    • @MadMadMargo: And who determined you are an adult? I’ve read your blog, I may know differently.
      Happy 2010: taking a poll, will it be Twenty-ten by you or Two thousand ten?

  1. I’m currently in the process of changing my child’s name from Shitade to Crapwitz McFuckford III.

    Other than that, I’ve already changed my life in accordance with these rules, except that I reserve my right to resume popping my b’s and p’s, clicking on “-ing”s, pronouncing my “th”s as d’s, and rhyming “bird” with “void.” That’s how we do things in New Yawk, pal.

    So do I win a prize for getting these done?
    .-= Larry Wallberg´s last blog pithYou Take the Haiku and I’ll Take the Lowku =-.

    • The name really comes from a baby that was born (in TN) just the other day and saddled with this.

      Happy 2010, Two thousand and ten? Twenty-ten, or in your case MMX?