Do Kids Still Have Sandpiles? — 2 Comments

  1. I had been noticing over the past few years how few dads I see outside playing with their kids. You see them watching their kids at school ball games and carting them back and forth, but rarely actually playing with them. I’ll bet you were a “fun” dad! You would have enjoyed bombing the Barbie car and blowing Barbie’s head off with my daughter.

  2. Funny how even with over 150 channels I don’t think life is any better than with 3. What’s a sandbox, I can hear my kids ask? Is that a Nintendo game? I miss the year we lived in St. George Utah. The sunny days meant our kids spent most days in the yard doodling on the sidewalk with chalk or climbing our tree. Life was good.

    Now life feels hectic. We have a lot more crap around the house. More things and more debt. I’m going to change that this year. Thanks for the link and the mention.