I Have Lost a Small Child: No Amber Alert Necessary — 5 Comments

  1. That is absolutey, enviably terrific! I wish I was 30 pounds from goal but I imagine that the reason I’m not is all the aerobic exercise you have been putting your body through. Perhaps I should push on that end a little harder. How are the knees? Lynn’s are scheduled for March 12 and 26thf.
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  2. @Edna: thanks! Everybody says you hit a point where you have to exercise to get rid of calories. Guess they are right.

    Good luck to Lynn – I’m 12 weeks out and still not where I think I should be. Pain more often than not (but getting less intense.) The cold really makes me hobble for a while. Hard to tell if the pains are from nerves healing or what. Dr in 3 weeks and he may get an earful if things are a lot better.