Sky Rehab Aerobics Skinny Bitch Owes Me 1100 Calories — 4 Comments

  1. Does 8/10 make you feel better than 4/5?.

    So what happened to the rest of it? I surely hope you didn’t throw it away. Given the same choice, I would have also taken the pizza too.

    The skinny instructor must have been born and bred in the South. Bad weather rarely stops a Northerner from any athletic event, inside or out.

  2. @Catch Her in the Wry: Sure can tell you don’t order Pizza much. You can’t cut a pizza into five equal pieces. It has to be ten. Sheesh.
    Nancy ate two pieces.
    I gotta say, even with my MI experience, it was the slickest and most dangery I have seen. But we still ventured to the basketball game in it – thats the MI experience showing.