Things I Refuse To Do to Lose Weight — 5 Comments

  1. Look, it’s February, it’s cold, lots of miserable weather and you’ve two nasty snow storms in less than month. That, plus a good dose of cabin fever is enough to drive anybody bonkers so have a (healthy?) snack and relax. You folks have more warm weather down there than you have cold so you’ll have plenty of time to make for the hibernation blues.

    And where the hell do you get these crazy gifs anyway?
    .-= Kirk M´s last blog pithCan you read this? (and other online complaints) =-.

  2. @Kirk M: I am a creature of habit, once I get out of a routine, it’s hard for me to get back going. I think I can handle it.
    That gif started out as a video a long time ago. It never left my memory.

  3. Hello. I would love to lose weight for my wedding. I have tried so many things and so many different diets but nothing has worked. Why? I would love to know if you can offer me with any help. I mean I like your blog but I think I need more than just ideas, I need motivation. Thanks.

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