Tom Brokaw is Going to Use 120 Minutes To Explain Boomer$. Summit Explains How to Touch a Boomer — 2 Comments

  1. Never heard of Retirement Living TV. I’m not moving to Ft. Myers because it’s hot, humid, and full of old people, and my house is worth more than I paid for it. AARP is merely a company that makes money selling its membership lists; if you want junk mail and spam, sign up. I visited iVillage once for about five minutes and left, never to return. Zillow is a joke if you live outside a metro area.

    What these companies don’t understand is this:
    Boomers are working because most haven’t reached retirement age and those who have may be choosing to work just because they enjoy it.

    Boomers spend more time thinking of traveling and recreation than about relocation. Those I know who have relocated, did so to be closer to children/grandkids, not to live in warm weather retirement communities.

    It is the Boomers, not the GenXers, who are caring for elderly parents. These companies are marketing to the wrong generation for many of their products/services.

    Only a small percentage of Boomers were pot-smoking, anti-war/anti-establishment demonstrators.

    Florence Henderson is old enough to be my mother.
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