Can I Ever Get Back the Goofiness? — 7 Comments

  1. @injaynesworld: well, thank ya, ma’am.
    @Absurdist: I love that too. There is another video where she mumbles for a good 90 seconds that you can’t understand!

  2. Sometimes, people think they’re being charmingly goofy when they’re just being annoyingly stupid. I predict, with some degree of smug self-assurance, that both those couples are going to be separated in a few years.

    I think Allie’s boyfriend makes train noises in his sleep because he’s trying to drown out the noise of her poetry.
    .-= Larry Wallberg´s last blog pithNews from Mayberry =-.

    • @Larry: since divorce is 50% probably a pretty safe bet.
      Loved your news from Mayberry from HL. Unreal what happens in Eastern KY. Nothing like that happens here in W. KY. (riiiiiight)

  3. @Larry: We’re all one big, related family. We have pot farms, meth labs, coal, dog fights, cock fights, etc. just like you boys.
    We also have a lot of big holes in the ground where we can throw tires and refrigerators.