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  1. Do you ever wonder WHAT THE FUCK these guys actually DO for a living? Aren’t there people with no teeth in KY that are building meth labs as we speak?

    I mean, I LIVED there. I KNOW what goes on there. And trust me; passing dead people AIN’T the problem in KY.

    This is why I hate cops. This is why I hate my uncle. Cops in Britain know why they become cops; to serve and protect. Cops in the US become cops for one reason and one reason only; to compensate for a very small penis and lack of compassion from their mother.

    I FUCKING hate cops.

    Don’t get me started on my last citation.
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  2. Um, I guess that would be two reasons, wouldn’t it?

    Hm, maybe KY had an effect on me; I can’t count.

    And bulbous, if you honestly think the dead give a shit about a car passing a hearse, then your life must be a lot less problem-free than most.

    I want that kind of life. The one where all I have to worry about is a lack of respect for a car passing a hearse. Where the only thing that offended me in life was the fact that I can say, “who’s that fucker that just passed me in that American car, because here in KY we won’t buy foreign cars?”
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  3. @Absurdist: just to set you and bulbous straight. I didn’t pass the hearse, it was already in the graveyard. And I don’t make a habit of passiing funeral processions.

    BUT: it should not be a friggin’ LAW that I can’t be rude and pass a dead guy – or his friends and cuzzins.

    METH? hell yeah, but pot is the biggest cash crop. Makes it easier for lazy officers to find and destroy. Meth is too hard to find (until it explodes.)

  4. Hey, were there any cops at the head and butt of the procession? You know, if there weren’t, you could appeal the ticket.

    There are supposed to be cops at the head and butt to let people know it’s a corpse procession.

    Otherwise, all it is is a bunch of old fucks driving really slowly. I mean, how are you supposed to know there’s not a big sale on at wal-mart or something, or if the local retirement home had a big break out?
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  5. @Absurdist: Nobody at the end. Law says the cars just need to have little flags.
    BUT, I got a better case!

    1. The cop that pulled me over was not the cop that wrote the ticket. She did not witness the alledged crime.
    2. I was in violation of KY Statute 812.1234 (4) (passing dead people). The Uniform Officer Citation says I violated 812.1234 (8) which is cutting in and out of the dead people procession.

    I’ve been offered to have the citation “taken care of” by a friend who has vast experience in getting worse things taken care of. I’m still thinking.