“Tough Shit” Says Kentucky Senator Jim Bunning to Unemployed — 11 Comments

  1. Senator Bunning was an excellent pitcher, but as a human being, he is a mutant. Further evidence we need to remember that just because someone is a enshrined in The Hall, it doesn’t mean that he is an outstanding human being. Bill

  2. @Bill: well said. I’ll remember this when they induct Mark McGwire. At least Bunning didn’t cheat when playing the game. He got stupid much later in life.

  3. And yet the people of KY voted for this tool. Wonder how those losing their unemployment today feel about him now. Hopefully, they’ll make a smarter choice next time. Glad to see you posting this story, too. I included it in my Sunday Recap this week.

    Great minds thinkin’ alike again. 😉

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  4. @Larry: I blame the Evangelicals.
    @Unfinished Rambler: He really is not an intelligent man. He basically is an obstructionist McConnell puppet.

  5. Your comments are appreciated. I am dumbfounded at this guy’s arrogance and meanness and stupidity. What has his vote cost after well-meaning senators and the states find other ways to help the unemployed. Total disgust.

  6. Who’s the tools? What Bunning said is true…he just picked a crucial time to make his point. You can’t continue to spend money you don’t have. When all of you idiots are paying the interest only on this 12 trillion plus b/c the Federal Gov’t is tax and spend w/o not enough revenue which is his case in point, then don’t B itch. When they come to take your house b/c we can’t even pay the interest only debt to Japan, China, or whoev er..think back to this moment in history. You’re attacking the messenger, not the constitutional wrecking dictatorship representation we have in Washington right now.

  7. Well All I have to say to Mr. “Tough shit” is, I hope the good lord makes it so he loses all his money that he made from the sweat of fellow Kentuckians and he has to live on Social Security Benefits and then when he complains, we all look at him and say “Tough shit”. I think all the Politicians including Obama needs to have all their wealth taken from them and forced to live on government assistance for at least 6 months and let them see how it feels. I bet a lot of politicians will change their minds and there will be no tough shit!