Write. No, Really Write, Me a Meme — 3 Comments

  1. Much as I’d love to take part in this meme I can’t because:
    (1) I have no scanner, and I refuse to write directly onto my computer screen;
    (2) I failed penmanship (remember that worthless exercise?) from the 3rd to the 5th grade, until my mother taught me how to type on a portable Smith-Corona that weighed more than I did;
    (3) I’m basically no-handed, which is why I have to hire someone to change a light bulb, and also why I refer to myself as Mr. Break-It;
    (4) I have no favorite letters to write, although I love typing zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz;
    (5)Similarly, I have no least favorite letters to write, but I hate typing ^ and %;
    (6) To tell the truth, my fox is much lazier than my dog;
    (7) The quick, humorous crab in pajamas jumped over a gazillion lazy kaleidoscopes
    (8) My favorite song lyric is “Bomp-b-b-bomp, b-bomp-b-bom-bomp”;
    (9) Every time I ever tag someone, I wind up getting married;
    (10) The last picture I drew was of an elephant when I was five years old, and everyone thought it was the sun.

    So, sorry.
    .-= Larry Wallberg´s last blog pithGreat Moments in Stupidity #2 =-.

  2. You old bastard! You know I hate these things.

    My handwriting has finally reached the stage where I can’t read it myself. It is so bad, it almost qualifies me to be a doctor.

    I might do this though, but it will mean going out to buy a pen or something. I threw all the old ones away as I had no further use for them.
    .-= Grandad´s last blog pithThe dragon and the amoebas =-.