Demand Studios’ Editor for is Just Full of Shit — 18 Comments

  1. I gotta tell you, my take on Demand Studios is about the same as yours. The changes to eHow and the absorption of it into Demand Studios seemed sensible enough, but these jackasses don’t have any idea what a good “How To” really is, because they are too damn busy trying to make more money.

    They want your article to be larger so they can try to milk more “Bing” style mouseover auto-search hits from your article. So, basically, they WANT you to write an over-bloated shitty “How To” instead of an accurate, concise and USEFUL one.

    And that is just making the whole “How To” process into garbage that is not fun to read, not anywhere near as educational and useful to learn from and just… plain… SHITTY.

  2. Okay, what’s the deal? I couldn’t post… Your thing said my doohicky seemed “a bit spammy”.

    How to cook eggs:

    1. put egg(s) in pan and put as much water in there as you want.

    2. Cook eggs in boiling water for ten minutes or until eggs float.

    3. Take eggs out of water and throw into bowl of cold water.

    Boom, eggs done.

    I guess the fucking word was too much for your spam thingy.

  3. @Absurdist: I’m sorry, spammy thing is just picking on you. I’ve looked to see why and dunno. I apologize.

    Eggs: Boom! is run by a bunch of monkeys on keyboards.

  4. So true BBQ King! I wrote one article for them; had a dumb-shit editor try to hack it up and said f it — this is why content media sites suck–and have you read any of the eHow articles they actually publish? Huh? To the writer that uses eHow…eWhy?

    Ok, just had to find out if I was the only one.

    I am going to try your BBQ though–sounds easy.

  5. I’m still trying to figure out which school of 4th graders is doing the editing at Ehow and Demand ! They know their letters and numbers but that’s all.

  6. I know this is a tad late, but I had to comment on your hilarious experience with the world of being an Demand Studios/eHow contractor. My experience with their “editors” was no differnt, except I wrote a lot of their math-for-idiots articles. I should have treated my task as explaining 4th grade math to idiot editors, not idiot eHow readers.

    I kid you not, I had an “editor” who did not understand why (20-14)*3 = 21 and insisted that it was wrong. Apparently the concept of parentheses was beyond his/her comprehension.

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