My Censor Training Involved NRFUs & Black Hand; I Gave Them the Fingers — 5 Comments

  1. “…ruined four D-308s because he kept confusing his birthday with today’s date…”

    no he did not…


    Do you know how many people fuck up the whole 8 fingers thing? Most people say that they have ten fingers. You are the only person I know who actually gets it right. So proud of you right now… tear sliding down my cheek… **sniff**

    True story:

    We got a new client… DHL.

    Sent them a contract to sign.

    Sent it to them via Fedex.

    Yeah. We’re smart. Go team.
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  2. @Larry: good ‘un.

    @Absurdist: true. First he reversed the dates, then he put birthday both places, then got flustered and made an error – which on a D 308 cannot be erased or corrected because it is for payroll and then he made the same mistake again! I only made the finger distinction because I know you check these things.
    Yeah… FedEx the DHL contract. Riiiight.

  3. What a total fucktard.

    Our client totally rejected the fedex package we sent them. How embarrassed do you think our salesteam was when we got that back with a slap in the face?

    The only thing I have done is when I filled out my visa app when I went to mexico and I screw up the date format because I am not paying attention. that and I had NO black or blue pen; I use only a special purple pen that I special order, so I had to use that. When I got there, I had to fill it out all over again. But that does not make me a fucktard. That just makes me special; I use that special pen so that everyone knows when I write something that it’s mine.

    And that I just fucked up on the date format. But big fucking deal. Right?

    .-= Absurdist´s last blog pithFunerals, Graveyards and Dog Shrines =-.

  4. @Absurdist: You weren’t joking about the DHL deal!!!! I thought it was a clever joke.
    Yeah, I’ve messed up date formats before on gummit docs.
    They like the 01-10-2010 format sometimes and 1/2/10 others.