I’m Asking You Internet. Can You Really Shoot a Guy 8,000 Feet Away? — 5 Comments

  1. We have a rifle now that shoots a .50 caliber bullet and can hit a man from 1 mile away with minimal recoil. I saw it on one of those Military Weapons Tech shows. It was one hell of an impressive rifle, but it looks fairly ordinary. The biggest obstacle was in designing it to absorb an amazing amount of recoil without transferring it to the shooter. Very, very impressive.
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  2. The Man says it should take a couple seconds for that bullet to get there,after being fired, which is pretty crazy!
    If you shoot guns, you must blog/vlog about it!!
    I shot several guns, as a young adult.I had them written down on a list, to recall for stories but I lost it.
    I know I’ve shot a 22, a 9mm( which on my first shot, I blew up a can from about 15ish feet away, then I jumped & yelled in joy& they were all “PUTTHEGUNDOWNFIRST!!!”)
    I shot 2-3 other things, which were way cool, and had special names which I forget& one of which had a big kick back. I feel really cool when I get to tell this story, which suks, because I forget the good parts of the story, like the names of the guns, duh!!!
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  3. @Claire you bitch: how dare you drop in here and get all macho and testosteroni (the San Francisco treat) with all the weaponry you have discharged. Based on Memphis Steve’s and The Man’s info, I have determined the horse corporal was using the M107 with a muzzle velocity of 2800 feet per second.
    So, tell The Man, he was off by almost a whole second. It would take 2.9 seconds.

  4. How the hell do you shoot someone from 1.5 miles away, account for the physics of trajectory and gravity, and actually see the dumb bastard? That’s what I want to know.

    When I wake up in the morning and watch the news, they tell me what the ground visibility from the airport is. I don’t think that they tell me it’s like, 15 miles or something. When was the last time you were driving down the road and could see a whole mile and a half in front of you? Even on a flat plain?

    And how could you be sure you were hitting the right person? Did they put a giant X on him?

    Oh, and Claire, I am all up in your testosteroni. Being from Texas, I have been shootin’ since I was a baby!
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