Called it: Abby Sunderland’s Family Wants U.S. to Pay for Rescue: Reality Show in Works — 7 Comments

  1. Well if they (parents) were looking to make money out of this journey around the world by Abby, I think they’re gonna get that. Already the news is about the teenage girl who was thought lost in the Indian Ocean but is well and alive without a scratch. Even the boat just suffered minor damage. You know how tragedy makes the news fast. Luckily only the quest to circle the world by a teenager ended as a tragedy and not her life. But Abby is one brave kid. I salute her!

  2. I was all set to argue with you after your last post on this family: that age has nothing to do with maturity and skill; that children and teens throughout history have left their families and traveled alone facing perilous adventures; that parents, not society, should be making decisions regarding their children because they know their children better than anyone.

    But with the revelation of a reality TV show in the future and the refusal to reimburse the rescue costs, my opinion of these parents has sunk. They are just another balloon boy family, trying to market their children into money machines. It is difficult to sympathize with their whines of destitution when they procreate seven children and have another on the way.

    It’s these types of parents that give home-schooled children a bad reputation. The story would have been worth the media coverage had she and her family not had ulterior motives behind the voyage and if they faced the financial consequences of the rescue honorably.

  3. @ Catch Her in the Wry: Oh, let’s argue anyway. Name a kid that left home and set out on a quest as a teenager. (Other than Billy the Kid.) In today’s world, parents should NOT send their kids on wild adventures. It’s the parents role to say “no” and squash the dream until the kid is 18.

    @injaynesworld: Whoa! Octomom meets the Sunderlands.

  4. Wow. That is.. self absorbed.. to say the least!
    I actually wanted to come over & give you the opportunity to tell me “I told you so” Regarding Social Spark. UGH!
    But geeze, I think I’ll have to read some more about this story, because I had a lot of questions about it to begin with, starting with “Who the hell lets their kids sail the world alone?”
    I am far too much of a paranoid dream squasher to even let my children suggest such a thing. Well, I plan to be, when they can talk a bit more clearly 😉

  5. @Claire: I would never tell you “I told you so.” I need to write a couple more posts to get to their minimum payout and get my cashola. Then I’m done.
    I’m glad to know I’m not the only dream squasher. 🙂

  6. Well, never the one to make an opinion on so little data (**cough** **cough**), I am with Wry on this one.

    I wonder who even had the idea in the first place for this girl to do this. I remember someone doing this before (a teenager). Was this not the teenager that did this originally? I guess not; I thought that was a long time ago.

    I am going to assume that the parents used this little girl to do this. I am going to further assume that this little girl may not be that “into” sailing. If they are so “poor”, how did they afford lessons for her in sailing? They certainly could not have afforded a sailboat. I know how much they cost to own and maintain. So where did her skills come from?

    And why do poor people breed so god-damned much? All my friends who are mid-upper and upper class either have no children, or no more than 2 children. The reason is because they wanted their children to have all the benefits of a good education, go to a great college, etc.

    Why the FUCK would ANYONE want 8 kids? And DÓN’T get me started on my take on property taxes and my having to pay for YOUR fucking kids to go to school when I chose not to have any kids.

    Sorry, got OT.

    Anyway, I feel really badly for all these kids being used by these horrible parents. I think THOSE parents should be the ones locked up and sent to the guillotine. Too bad April didn’t comment here. 🙂