Has Kellie Pickler Been Pickled? — 4 Comments

  1. Wow. What a piece of … work … you are. You’re really taking this whole “me” generation thing to heart, though I’m questioning if you have one now.

    You threw “your girl” under the bus with impunity. I’d hate to see how you talk about someone you don’t like.

    And you’re an expert in plastic surgery because … Why don’t you run that by us again, please?

    And yet you believe you can make a “diagnosis” based on a quick glance in bad lighting compared to a highly retouched Fox publicity shot taken nearly five years ago?

    Are you pissed off because Kellie didn’t magically recognize you after all these years of alleged devotion to her TV appearances?

    If Kellie was going to have “major face work,” don’t you think she would have had the knot on her nose straightened out first?

    I just don’t get people like you. At your age, you should be thinking about leaving a legacy that is more than a blog filled with half truths and fuel for malicious gossips.

    Or do you think your age gives you the right to say anything about anybody?

    Funny, I don’t recall the 10 commandments having an age clause.

    “And God said unto Moses … OK, old-timer, you know these laws don’t count for anyone 60 or over? So you can do down there yourself and lie, cheat, steal, sleep with your neighbor’s wife and livestock after you kill him, whatever you want. You’ve earned it!”

    If you have any decency left, you’ll take down this load of crap and issue an apology.