Hey Cow! Moo! — 10 Comments

  1. No, but i bark at antelope and deer when appropriate, to save their life or mine!

  2. About a hundred years ago, I was walking down a country lane in Essex with a few fellow summer factory workers when I espied a herd of cows about a hundred yards away on the other side of a field. For no particular reason I started moo-ing as loud as I could and within a couple of minutes the whole damn gang of them came lolloping over to the hedge where we were standing. They looked a bit disappointed to see just a bunch of scruffy humans but my pals were impressed by my cow calling skills.

  3. Dude. What. The. Fuck….

    I needed acid for that video.

    Growing up in Texas, I lived and worked on Ranches all the time.

    And YES, I did moo. all the time. I even talked to them, and pretended they talked back. But I do that with my dogs and cats. I bark and meow at my dogs and cats too.

    Doesn’t everyone?

    But I think you haven’t lived if you haven’t rolled down your windows and moo’d at cows. I mean, how can you resist?

    As for that video, I can’t get that two minutes and what, fourteen seconds of my life back. Why, oh why did you murder me slowly with that?

  4. Bleuuuhhh… I shall dream of spidercows tonight.

    I’ve a field full of cows next door. I love the tone of the look I get when I moo at them, like they know I’ll be sorry when it’s their turn for world domination.